Monday, April 30, 2012

Life Drawing at the Vitruvian Fine Art Studio

Here is a picture of myself in the middle of a session, drawing John, one of my favorite model here in Chicago. (Picture taken by David Jamieson for their website.)

Portait drawing - Laura

Here is a portrait drawing I did 2 weeks ago at the Vitruvian Fine Art Studio. This was done in one sitting with charcoal on white paper.

Alien Zombie Apocalypse

A few thumbnails I created this week. I tried to approach the topic on two sides; Earth zombie apocalypse infested by aliens and a zombie apocalypse on an alien planet.

Eye of the Beholder

Here is a 3d concept I worked on last week. The idea was to re-design the classic Beholder into something new and creepier.

New Blog!

Welcome to my new blog! I decided to transfer  my previous one here instead, Blogger being more suited to my needs.

I will keep this blog updated as much as possible, as well as, a blog I have been running with an artist friend of mine, Lyle Moore. Check it out too!